Laboratory Life

Location of our lab

Our Hondien-Tei laboratory is located in Build.40 (called GCS) in Kikuicho campus (two minutes walking from Nishi-waseda statation on Tozai line). Room 406 is for faculties, and room 606 is for students. For more detail, please see access.


  • Laptop PC, display monitor, desk for each student
  • IoT devices for research
  • GPU server for machine learning/deep learning
  • High performance servers for self-driving simulator
  • Smart Speaker (Google Home)
  • Smart Light (Philips Hue Lite)
  • Wearable Sensors (J!ns MEME)
  • Arduino / Raspberry Pi ( and several sensors and actuators)

Weekly meetings in our lab

The regular meetings are mainly as follows:

  • Research group weekly meeting
    • days and times vary by group
  • Laboratory Seminar
    • M0 and above
    • 9:00-11:00 on Monday
  • Joint seminar with Fukasawa and Washizaki Lab
    • M0 and above
    • 14:40-17:50 on Monday All laboratory events are held fully online (on Zoom, oVice, and Slack).

In addition to this, student-led study sessions (participation is voluntary) and individual research meetings with the mentor are held irregularly.

Interview with students in our lab

You can find interview with students in our lab. If you are thinking of enrolling or being assigned to our lab, please refer to it. Interview

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