Self Driving & Intelligent Transportation


Reseach on various topics for the development of safe and comfortable autonomous driving systems and intelligent transportation systems.

Example of autonomous driving systems

  • Develop adaptive software determining a driving route at runtime, on top of autonomous driving software framework Autoware and an autonomous driving simulator Carla
  • Develop software to control a vehicle safely using reinforcement learning
  • Develop software to make that passengers can feel comfortable by monitoring passengers’ biometric information and change the driving style adaptively.
  • develop a driver attention manage system, so that drivers can take over the vehicle control appropriately in an emergency situation

Example of intelligent transportation systems

  • Develop software to control safe train operations using linear coefficient programming and synthesis techniques.
  • Develop transfer learning method in reinforcement learning-based traffic signal control for road condition change (e.g., accident)
  • Develop blockchain-based cooperative incentive system for emergency vehicle passing


  • Autonomous driving simulators: Carla, Autoware, SUMO
  • Biometric analysis: estimation of passenger comfort level by EEG
  • Vehicle control: route planning (search algorithm), behavior planning (reinforcement learning)
  • Operation management: traffic signal control (reinforcement learning, multi-agent), railway operation management (linear coefficient planning, controller synthesis), emergency vehicle passing control (blockchain, smart contract)