1. SEAI2022 Best Presentation Award
    • Name:Nianzhao Zheng, Jialong Li, Zhenyu Mao, Kenji Tei
    • Date:2022-06
    • Award of paper:Title: From Local to Global: A Curriculum Learning Approach for Reinforcement Learning-based Traffic Signal Control
    • Award group:2022 2nd IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (SEAI2022)


  1. ICIEA‘ 2021 Excellent Oral Presentation
    • Name:Takanori Hirano, Kenji Tei, Kazuya Aizawa and Shinichi Honiden
    • Date:2021-05
    • Award of paper:Title: Differential Controller Synthesis at Runtime Using Changed Parts of Environment Model
    • Award group:ICIEA‘ 2021


  1. SEAMS’ 2016 Best Paper Award
    • Name:L. Nahabedian, V. Braberman, N. D’Ippolito, S. Honiden, J. Kramer, K. Tei, S. Uchitel,
    • Date:2016-06
    • Award of paper:Assured and correct dynamic update of controllers
    • Award group:SEAMS’ 2016


  1. Best Paper Award, SENSORCOMM 2012
    • Name:Valentina Baljak, Kenji Tei, Shinichi Honiden
    • Date:2012-08
    • Award of paper:Classification of Faults in Sensor Readings withStatistical Pattern Recognition
    • Award group:International Academy, Research, and Industry Association