Project research

We welcome project research students.

Topics of project research in our lab

In the project research, you will experience IoT system development, autonomous driving simulator development, or autonomous agent software development.

IoT system development

  • Analyze, design, and implement your own IoT systems by adding IoT sensors and/or actuators to our IoT testbed hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Examples: automated lighting system with IoT lights, automated voice notification services with GoogleHome, automated music management service with GoogleHome, automated plant management system with soil moisture sensor
  • Tools: Arduino, RaspberryPi, NodeRed, Google Home, JinsMEME, HueLight, AWS, docker, etc

Example 1 : Automated Aroma IoT system (developed by Tomomi Kondo)

  • Development of Raspberri Pi with environmental sensors for monitoring room temperature
  • Development of aroma selection and diffuseion mechanism accoding to temperature and time
  • Implement alghorithms on Node-RED

Example 2: Automated foliage plant management system (developed by Misato Nakamura)

  • Development of RaspberriPi with a soil moisture sensor for monitoring moisture level of soil
  • Implement watering notification service by using LINE
  • Evolution of the system by adding an alarming service with a proximity sensor to prevent pets to approach the plant

Example 3: Smart Room Management System (developed by Taiki Kazeno)

  • Using a stress-level estimation service with a glass with wearable sensors(JINS MEME)
  • Implement automated music selection service based on estimated stress level
  • Orchestrating Spotify and GoogleHome to enable this function

Robot system development

  • Developing a space exploration robot using NASA's platform (Fprime)
  • Techniques: automatic code generation, automatic architecture transformation
  • Reference site:

Autonomous driving & intelligent transportation

  • survey latest autonomous driving & intelligent transportation techniques and develop software on simulator
  • Tools: LGSVL simulator, Autoware simulator, SUMO simulator etc.
  • Techniques: route planning, behavior planning, traffic signal control etc.

Autonomous agent software development

  • Develop autonomous agent software by using advanced modeling and synthesis tools
  • Tools: Controller synthesis, model checking, game theory, machine learning

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